Performance reviews: A natural opportunity for a résumé update

In today’s often-frenetic business world, it’s hard to remember everything that needs to be done and even more difficult to make time for it all. Take the task of updating your résumé. If you recently received a performance evaluation, consider setting aside some time to do just that.

Working with a recruiter 101

A recruiter can introduce you to the right opportunity and accelerate your job search. If you’ve never considered working with a recruiter before, here’s your chance to learn more the job seeker-recruiter relationship.

Bird’s-Eye View of Iowa

While many fields look good from the road, an aerial view reveals a bigger picture.

What To Do When the Boss Begs You to Stay

You sit down with your boss to tell him you’ve been offered a job elsewhere and that you’ll be leaving the company in a few weeks. It will probably be an awkward conversation, and it’ll become even more uncomfortable when he asks you to stay.