Attitude of Gratitude!

2020….not the year you had pictured on January 1 I’m guessing!  It’s been challenging, disappointing, gut-wrenching, lonely, different and so on and so on.  There are a lot of words that you can use to describe 2020….and I’d bet most of them are pretty negative.  When our calendars and our agendas get turned upside down, we really don’t know how to function.  In the world we live in today, it’s very unusual to have an empty calendar.  It’s abnormal to stay home to work or celebrate the holidays.  If you are interesting in get more customer for you business can be very important  that you check this article.

As a company that works to find jobs for people and find people for jobs, setting up “zoom” interviews is different and making things happen at the usual pace just doesn’t work.  Frustration sets in for the candidate, the employer and the recruiter.  Jobs aren’t as easy to come by as employers are buckling down and using the staff on hand to save costs.  And people are learning to be content in their current positions with fear of what tomorrow might bring.

So often throughout the year, it seemed like time was standing still.  Yet in a year filled with so much uncertainty, here we are entering the 2020 Holiday Season!!  Looking back, there is a lot of this year that we’d love to forget…maybe get a “do-over”.  We want to RUSH through this time, get past all things Coronavirus and move into the way life used to be!  But during this season, I want to challenge you to find GRATITUDE!!  Yes – I said GRATITUDE – THANKFULNESS!!  We’ve been forced to change so many things in our lives in the last 9 months – do things differently than we are used to.  But these changes….are they all bad?  Have you found a new sense of peace?  Have you been able to slow down and take in more of the little things that matter so much more than the “big” things?

This post by Michael Hyatt really challenged me!  And I encourage you too to find GRATITUDE throughout this holiday season!

    1. Recognize those around us. In our fast-paced world, we move from one project to the next without stopping to appreciate what was accomplished. Set aside ten minutes this week to let someone around you know just how much you appreciate them. I challenge you to do something to show your gratitude. Bring your colleague who helped you on a big project, a coffee tomorrow morning. Or if your spouse went out of their way to do something for you, leave them a note of thanks. These simple, tangible acts of gratitude do not take much time, but they yield benefits for both you and the recipient. 
    2. Acknowledge the growth challenges can bring. We have all faced new challenges and obstacles this year. I challenge you to write down at least one obstacle you have faced and what positive experience came from it. This will help to remind you of the strength you had to work through it and inspire gratitude for who and what helped you along the way. By focusing on the positive rather than the negative, you will find it easier to develop a mindset of gratitude despite the circumstances outside of your control.
    3. Say thank you for the little things. Many times we forget to say thank you to those who consistently keep up with and manage all of the daily tasks required for our work to be done or for our household to run smoothly. Pick a time each day where you have a few free moments to text or email those people a quick thank you. This can be an easy way to develop a habit of gratitude if you take time to do it daily.
    4. Set aside time for your own personal reflection. Spend at least ten minutes reflecting on the reasons you have to be grateful. Take the time to make a list. It’s incredible how the simple act of writing down what you have to be thankful for can change your attitude and perspective. This mindset of gratitude is compelling. When you take the time to focus on it within yourself you will often find others inspired by it as well.

I have found that the more I recognize the good, the happier I am. I think you’ll find it does the same for you.