Expert Advice: How to Get a Fast Start on the Success Track

“Your future is hurtling towards you like a speeding bullet and the success you make of your life depends on how soon you get up to speed with career realities.

Get a Competitive Edge

The fact is that 90 percent of direct-from-college hires go to students who have worked as interns. With internships, employers get time to evaluate your potential, while you develop professional skills and learn about dress, workplace behavior and how the world of your chosen profession functions and makes money.

Employers expect to see internships on a resume: they’re the ticket to a good entry-level job out of college and they give you a competitive edge and a fast start to your career.

The Money Question

Most internships pay, but few pay well and with the more glamorous professions, like entertainment or fashion, you can expect to be paid less. So maybe put dreams of that Ferrari on hold ‒ for now.

While you obviously want to be paid for your work, if ever there is a time in your life when you can work for nothing and still come out ahead, it is with internships while in college. You’ll gain valuable professional experience, credentials, connections, a stronger resume and real-world references.

Your internship experience sets you apart as someone who has already entered the professional world and this is why internships give you a 90 percent chance of a good job come graduation.

How to Work for Google

Internships = experience = better internships with better companies.

If you want an internship with a Google, with maybe a full-time job to follow, you had better prepare by getting intern experience with other respected employers first.

Now, while everyone wants to work for a Google, there are plenty of valuable internship opportunities beyond the household-name companies. You can work for a little-known company on real-world projects and gain legitimate professional experience. After all, Google started on a kitchen table in 1997.

Jump Start Your Career

With 90 percent of entry-level hires going to people who’ve worked as interns, internships are the new entry-level jobs. So, if you want to make a success of your life and leave your peers in the dust, don’t wait ‒ the race has just begun.

See what paid internships or entry-level jobs are available in your area!

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