~Farming Takes a Family~


•Farming Takes a Family•

•Farming takes dedication;

the kind of dedication that requires countless hours of work,

little-to-no sleep,

And the drive to finish what you started—even if it doesn’t pay the bills.

•Farming takes sacrifice;

the kind of sacrifice that requires a lot of time away from your family,

days, weeks, and sometimes even months of staring at the rows of corn, going back and forth on the corn pile, and hauling countless loads of manure to the fields.

And the selflessness to help out a neighbor in need—even when you have your own work to be done.

•Farming takes a wife;

a wife that will make multiple meals a day and drive them out to the field,

a wife that will understand when her farmer tells her that he won’t be around much for the next month and half.

And a wife that waits up at night just to watch her farmer make it home safely.

•Farming takes a family;

a family that understands the dedication and the sacrifice it takes to make it through harvest,

a family that not only tolerates the late nights their farmer puts in, but enjoys quality time with him and the opportunity to learn each and every time they hop in the tractor.

A family that celebrates the milestones during the season of harvest.

And a family that honors, respects, and appreciates the faith their farmer has in The One who provides the seed each spring, the rain and sun in the summer, and the bountiful harvest in the fall.

•Farming takes a family.•

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