Happy National Ag Day! — A Day Late

Yesterday, March 18th, was National Ag Day. But, yesterday got away from me and now here I am, a day late, writing about an industry that is near and dear to all of us in the Great Plains Consulting office. However,  that’s the cool thing about agriculture, it never waits, stops or discontinues. Agriculture is a 24/7- 365 days a week kinda’ thing–and that’s never changing! If we eat  and drink, drive vehicles, and like wearing clothes we aren’t late in celebrating, we never really quit from last year. So with that, visit the National Ag Day Website (www.agday.org)  and see what people were doing around our great Nation yesterday to celebrate this great industry we are so revolved around.  Also, I’ve added a short clip below about National Ag Day, check it out!