Farm Laborer

Added: April 8, 2021

Job Location: Luverne, Minnesota

This family owned farm operation in SW Minnesota is currently seeking a Farm Laborer to assist with running their large feedlot and row-crop farm.  This candidate must have experience in farming, specifically cattle/livestock.

Their feedlot consists of up to 6,500 cows – mostly Holsteins but they are transitioning to more traditional beef cattle. They are looking for someone to work primarily in the cattle operation but will also help out with harvest in the Fall.

Duties include Feeding (4 hours / day), shop work – maintenance and repair work and a variety of other jobs as necessary (sort cattle, scraping pens, hauling manure, etc.).

This is an hourly position that is based on a minimum of 48 hour weeks. Overtime is paid after 48 hours / week.  Approximate overtime will be 300 hours / year (in addition to the 48 hours of regular rate hours).

Benefits include contribution to health insurance & a retirement plan, paid holidays and vacation.

For more details on this position, please contact Bryan –

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