Farm Manager

Added: January 17, 2020

Job Location: Pipestone, Minnesota

We are looking for someone to manage & handle all of the operations at this 3500 acre corn and soybean farm in SW Minnesota.  This opportunity offers a salary plus living arrangements.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Fixing on equipment throughout the year such as doing annual tractor maintenance, repairing grain bins, getting equipment ready for field work and many other things.
  • Monitoring grain condition in the bin
  • Running tillage in the spring and the fall
  • Spraying herbicides
  • Trucking grain throughout the year
  • Spreading manure


  • 2 years minimum of truck driving experience and prefer you have a CDL
  • 3-5 years farming experience
  • Must be willing to work hard in the cropping season and enjoys farming
  • This is strictly an operations position so a strong work ethic and a passion for farming is a must
  • Self-motivated and honest

If you like farming, are dependable and have the experience to do repairs on your own this would be a good job for you.  Please contact Brad – for more details.

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