Location Manager

Added: August 10, 2016

Job Location: Southeast, North Dakota

Regional Cooperative covering South and North Dakota is looking for an individual who can serve as a leader, coach, mentor, and resource for their staff at their agronomy retail center and warehouse in Southeast North Dakota.

This person will be responsible for day-to-day operations of this facility as well as managing customer relationships with both their current customer base and prospects. Must have a strong agronomy background, strong management skills and a proven record of meeting customer needs. Experience in budgeting, inventory control, risk and credit management is a must. A commitment to safe operations and the ability to comply with all applicable EPA, OSHA, FDA, and Dept. of Agriculture laws, regulations, and policies is also required.

This individual must be committed to providing a high level of customer service while maintaining profitability by working with the entire team to maximize the efficiency of the location’s plant, people, and rolling stock.

Additional requirements include a Bachelor degree (B.A.) from four-year college or university or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Please contact Bryan Kooi for more information: 712-395-2375 or bryan@greatplainsinc.com

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