Precision Ag Specialist

Added: June 13, 2017

Job Location: St. Cloud, Minnesota

The Precision Agronomy Specialist serves as the precision farming and application expert. This role applies geospatial technologies, including GIS and GPS, to agricultural production and management activities, such as pest scouting, site-specific pesticide application, yield mapping, or variable-rate irrigation and planting.  This role will develop and analyze maps and remote sensing images to compare physical topography with data on soils, fertilizer, pests or weather.


  1. Education and Experience:
    1. Minimum 2yr agriculture/precision degree from an accredited agronomy program;
    2. Bachelor’s degree in related program preferred;
    3. Minimum 1-2yrs related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience;
    4. Prior experience working with SMS is required;
    5. Prior experience working with Agvance is preferred;
    6. Previous hands on experience working with agronomy precision technology tools.


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