May Day, 2018

The start of a NEW SEASON!!!

I think we can all say, it’s been a LONG winter!!  With snow storms popping up throughout the entire month of April, the machinery has stayed pretty clean in the shed….but it seems safe to assume, we are now entering the official – SPRING PLANTING SEASON!  All throughout the county, the fields are busy with the fresh aroma of fertilizer, machines of red or green, yellow or blue, followed by discs, cultivators and planters, the castings are spread out on top of the area where you’re planting……all much larger and more technological than farmers of a decade ago would have ever imagined.  I think we can all say…..the change of the seasons is HERE!!!

Just as with the change of the season from winter to spring, to summer, to fall……there are changes in our life seasons as well.  We can look back at this past winter and recall the frustrations, impatience and trials that came along with it.  It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like things will never improve!  How often don’t we have these same feelings when we are going through a “season” in our lives?  We look back to the “good ‘ole days”, reminiscing of a once much more youthful self, more organized, put together, goal oriented.  Then life happens, things change….sometimes as we anticipate….sometimes completely taking us for a spin in a direction we never intended to go.  BUT….most times, we look back and see GROWTH, NEW BEGINNINGS, BETTER PLANS!!

May 1, 2018….looking out the window, we see the start of the spring planting season well underway now.  When you look out your window, what do you see?  Maybe you are looking forward to a new chapter of your life….college graduation….what does the future look like for you?  Or you are in a position with your current employer where you don’t see a future and it’s time to open the doors to new opportunities.  The time is NOW!  Here at Great Plains Consulting, we are here to partner alongside you, to help you find that next open door and help you grow, find new beginnings and make new goals and plans!!  Your new “SEASON” is here!   Let the planting begin!