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Homeland Security deems agriculture as ‘critical infrastructure’ amid COVID-19 pandemic

The Trump administration has labeled agriculture as a critical industry in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, allowing businesses to continue operating as usual amid current and potential restrictions created to stem the spread of the virus.

SHOW your skills, Don’t just tell them!

Including your skills on your resume is one of the most important parts, but there’s more than just listing your skills. You need to show your skills. Attract the employers attention with details.


Agriculture talent is in HIGH DEMAND! Whether you have a college degree or not, if you are willing to work hard, treat people with respect, learn and grow, you can have a long and very successful career in ANY ONE of these job categories no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your educational background may be. 

Resolutions for the Workplace

While resolutions tend to focus on personal life, it’s beneficial to create resolutions or goals for the workplace too. Here are a few resolutions that should be easy to keep.

Give the Gift of HAPPINESS this Christmas!

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” If we can choose to be happy, wouldn’t everyone do that? Doesn’t our environment decide our level of happiness? 

Choosing the BEST References

Most hiring managers will ask for references once you make it past the interview process, with some asking before the interview. How do you know who to list?

To Say ~ or NOT To Say

Interviews are an important piece of the hiring process. But sometimes candidates make statements that don’t sit so well with the interviewer. If you want to avoid them in the future, check out these tips & tricks.

~Farming Takes a Family~

Thank-you to Rachel Granstra from Litte House on the Feedlot for allowing us to share this from her social media page. It’s so true – FARMING TAKES A FAMILY – especially during the crazy Harvest season!!

Harvest Hand Signals: How to Decode

Enjoy a little humor as we are starting to see the fall harvest begin!! Learn how to read minds and become a master interpreter of hand signals for the sake of your farm and all who grace it with their presence during the blessed season of harvest.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Make a Change?

Identifying what motivates you and what is most important to your career and your life is essential. This insight will allow you to make career decisions with confidence.