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I got the degree…now what?

As another school year is coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead to what the future has in store for you!  Maybe you’ve completed your first year of college – or maybe you will be walking across that stage to receive your long awaited Ag Degree.  So now what?

Happy National Ag Day America!

National Ag Day 2021

“STRONGEST Farm Outlook in Years!”, Say Ag Bankers

Farm income and land values surged in the closing months of 2020, lifted by higher commodity prices and large federal payments, according to farm lenders across the Midwest and Plains. With the commodity rally expected to persist, the farm economy was in its best shape in years, said the Federal Reserve regional banks in Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.

Niche Recruiter or General Recruiter?

You are looking at opening a new chapter of your life with your career and you aren’t sure where to start.  You’ve heard about the value in having a recruiter assist you in finding the next great fit for you, but don’t have that professional in your back pocket yet.  Where do you begin? 

This Year I Will……

Over the years one thing has become evident to me. The most successful people I know don’t end up there by mistake. While from the outside it can sometimes seem like luck or that it “happened overnight”, I believe that the key to their success is having a clear set of written goals that outline and provide action steps toward their dreams.

Attitude of Gratitude!

2020…..not the year you had pictured on January 1 I’m betting! In a year filled with so much disappointment and uncertainty, how can you find and attitude of GRATITUDE through it all?

Resume Tips – Keeping it SIMPLE!

A resume is an absolute must when applying to a job. But employers look at resumes for only six seconds. If your resume isn’t attention grabbing, then it may be time to make some changes. Here are a few tips to brighten your resume.

5 Tips for Ag Interns & Job Seekers

Are internships the new entry-level job in the workplace? Time magazine described internships that way in a recent article published during National Intern Day (the last Thursday in July). It’s more important than ever for internships to be a win-win for both students and employers.

How to Choose the Best References

Many jobs will ask for references as a part of the application process. Do you know how to choose the best ones? Read on for more information on how your references can make a positive impact on your future career.

How Social Media Can Help Your Job Search

Social media is a great tool to help us stay connected. We can check in on a friend or share a funny post. But social media is also crucial to a job search. Read more on how you can use social media as a positive boost in finding your next job opportunity!