What your interviewer is really thinking

Boy, wouldn’t the ability to read minds come in handy during the job interview? At the risk of stating the obvious, who wouldn’t love to know what hiring managers really think about your qualifications or what they consider the perfect answer to a certain question? Armed with this information, you’d be a step ahead of other job applicants.

The Three Best Predictors of On-the-Job Success

Clarifying job expectations before the person is hired is not only the secret to great hiring, but also great management.

Beware of the Top 5 Interview Mistakes

If you worry you’ll be a disaster in an interview, we have tips to help you survive.

Follow Up After an Interview Without Being a Pest

Comparisons between job hunting and dating are common, and never are they more true than when it comes to the follow-up.

Preparing for an Interview

People have different natural talents at interviewing for jobs. But even the most talented can fail to get offers if they don’t prepare.

Standing Out in Your Interview

Interviewing can be a tough process. It is hard to instantly stand out from the other candidates competing for the same job.

How to Answer the Top 10 Interview Questions

We all know that being well prepared is the key to success at an interview. One aspect of this is thinking through the type of questions you are likely to be asked and having a powerful answer.

Leaving Your Job

Hiring managers will often want to know why you are looking at a different job opportunity. You do not want them to think you are leaving because of something negative you did or that you have difficulty working with other employees.