You Never Know Until You Try!

It’s funny where life can take you. For instance, a young man from Iowa, a soil sampling & crop scouting intern, never planned on completing an internship with a cooperative. In fact, he never planned on pursuing agriculture at all. This high school graduate originally planned on exploring a career in engineering, but it just wasn’t the right fit. He started his freshman year in engineering and didn’t really like that. He then transferred to the local community college and took a couple of different ag classes there, including a soils class and actually found it interesting so he then decided to go into agronomy. Now he is enrolled at Iowa State University, majoring in agronomy.”

The agriculture industry is bountiful with opportunities, and this young man found that out the easy way. As soon as he switched his major to agronomy, the people you have the opportunity to connect with can be of so much help.  The benefits of living in a small town, people know people that can give you the experience and knowledge to really dive in and discover if this is the right path you were meant to be on.

There is a lot a person can learn from others in the industry. That’s why this young man from Iowa valued spending time with these people. “I’ve learned a lot more from talking with them or asking questions as we drive by fields. They’ve told me ‘The stuff you learn here you’re not going to hear about in school. It’s just stuff you have to learn on the job.’ It’s been nice to pick up some of that knowledge.”


Though it took a few tries, this young man feels like agriculture is the right fit for his future, whether he becomes an agronomist at a seed company or cooperative, or starts farming with his family in southern Iowa after graduation.  But this wasn’t the direction he seen his life going when he graduated from high school.  And that’s OK!!  When making the decision of what you want for your future, get out there, try new things, take new classes, get your hands dirty and be open to opportunities that you never expected!  You never know what doors will be opened for you because you were willing to expand your horizons!