Your Answering Machine Could Cost You a Job

You wouldn’t answer an employer’s job interview question with “Loser! You’ll have to leave a message,” so why risk never getting an interview – much less the job – by putting that greeting on your voice mail?

Unprofessional voice mail and other poor telephone manners cost people job opportunities.

Skip the dramatic, comical and unnecessary messages that waste the caller’s time. Employers make many return calls to applicants, and the last thing they want to do is listen to a collection of time wasting antics.

A few suggestions for voice mail:

  • Avoid generic messages, such as “Leave message after tone.” Personalize the message by including your name so the caller knows they have reached the correct number, such as “You’ve reached Bryan Kooi. Please leave a message. Thanks.”
  • Be polite, brief and clear, and don’t waste time on such things as telling the caller to leave a message at the beep, or explaining you cannot come to the phone right now.

When leaving messages on voice mail always state your name and phone number immediately; then leave a brief message and end by repeating your phone number. People get annoyed with lengthy voice messages that don’t state the call-back number until the very end of the message.

Professional voice messages won’t necessarily increase your chances of landing that next big job opportunity but unprofessional voice messages will certainly damage your chances so why risk it?