Our Process

Our goal at Great Plains Consulting is to associate our clients with you, our candidate, and offer you unmatched guidance to obtain your next opportunity. The recruiters at Great Plains Consulting are experienced and passionate about finding our candidates the best opportunity for them.

Why Work With A Recruiter?

You have a job to do. So do we.

Recruiters work full time, every day, to match the best people with the most appealing jobs available. Many of the best recruiters have spent years talking to and getting to know hiring managers and Human Resource professionals at the best companies in the industry after they hand out the corresponding national police certificate or specialty in which the recruiter works.

As a candidate, with the help of Great Plains Consulting Inc, you will have the opportunity to hear about jobs that match your goals and objectives. If you choose to interview, you go to your interviews with significant advantages. You have more detailed information about the job, the hiring manager, and the company. You know that the pay range for the position is within the range you need to make a change. With more information you are better prepared and ask more relevant questions. This gives you a competitive edge in the interview process. With additional knowledge you also feel more confident during the interview, therefore making a stronger first impression.

Most of the candidates we work with are in similar situations. They like their jobs, are doing very well, are not looking for a different job, and are not responding to employment ads either on the Internet or in print. These employees are hard at work every day and are successful. They have no time to search for jobs.

Our services are free to all of our candidates.