“Recently, I had the privilege of working with Brad Krommendyk from Great Plains Consulting to pursue a new career opportunity.  Brad was very professional and extremely helpful from the beginning to the end of the process.  One thing that really impressed me about Brad was that he was very proactive in the whole process.  He initiated contact with me when a position opened up that he thought I may be a good candidate for.  After each step he called, texted, or emailed to see how it went and was available to answer any questions that I had stream test.  He was also proactive in his relationship with the company I was interviewing with and did a nice job of following up with them and making sure the whole process was on track.  I would highly recommend Brad Krommendyk and Great Plains Consulting to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to make a change in their career!”

Andy — Seed DSM



“My experience working with Bryan Kooi at Great Plains Consulting was seamless for me.  Bryan kept me informed on where I was in the process, background information about the company, and we even went over the interview process.  Further, Bryan was able to secure an additional week of PTO in the negotiation process!”

Steve — HR Manager


“With regards to Bryan Kooi aiding in my job search in 2014, enough praise cannot be given. I was very impressed with his professionalism as well as his genuine sincerity. Bryan found my resume on, I believe, Monster and contacted me in short order. I must state that he was not the only recruiter that sought me out, and yet he is the only one I chose to work with. Upon initial contact, I appreciated his candor and openness on the process, and also found that he was not overbearing. Bryan was able to genuinely convey an interest in helping me locate a job that would best fit my interests, as well as maintaining a solid level of professional contact. I felt that he did a good job properly narrowing down potential jobs and did not inundate me with frivolous ones.  He proved to be a solid, for lack of a better term, coach, and helped prepare me for the interview process. I also appreciated the timely follow up, not only after interviews, but also after I had started my new career. He continued to show real interest in my success, and ultimately, his own.

I had a very positive experience working with Bryan, and if it came to it, would work with him again.”

Nathan — Grain Originator


“I was stuck in a ‘glass ceiling job’ and looking for a change in my career path. I was very fortunate to connect with Bryan at Great Plains Consulting as he was instrumental in assisting me with a major change in my career from agronomic support/logistics to a brand new position with a company that shows a lot of promise moving forward. Bryan is very easy to work with and carries a level of positive enthusiasm during the highs and lows of changing careers. I fully recommend Bryan and the team at Great Plains Consulting.”

Jason — Seed Specialist


“Working with Bryan at Great Plains consulting is the best move I have ever made to further my career. Not only did Bryan truly care about my needs and concerns he also allowed me to take the time I needed to make the best decision possible. He also worked out many details that would otherwise have been unknown until employment began. I would recommend Bryan and Great Plains to any one looking tomorrow on with their career and know that someone has your best interest in mind through the process”

Keith — Agronomy Sales


“Throughout the entire recruiting process Bryan was available, encouraging, and professional.  Bryan’s knowledge of the hiring process and ability to clearly match my skills to the correlating job description was a key to my successful hiring. Thank you!”

Dale — District Sales Manager


“First…. THANK YOU!  You were instrumental in seeking out opportunities and arranging  interviews.  Your input was invaluable.  It is  obvious that you are well respected in this field.  You definitely know your way around the ag-business world!  I appreciate the manner in which you laid out options and left the final decision making to me.  I would wholeheartedly recommend you and your services to anyone seeking a career in the field of agriculture!”
Thanks again!

Doug — Custom Applicator



“I would like to thank Bryan and the crew at Great Plains Inc for their help in finding my new career. I enjoy Bryan’s attention to detail and how he keeps his clients informed. I am ready for the next step in my life and the crew at Great Plains Inc helped me get where i’m at much faster then I ever could have on my own.”

Hudson — Associate Grain Merchandiser


“I was not actively looking for a new job when I was initially contacted by Bryan from Great Plains Consulting. However, through his consistent and professional contact with me and my future employer, I changed my place of employment and improved my position.  I had actually started a long range plan to retire early and move to a different location but I now find myself in a much more comfortable place of employment and I no longer plan to retire early.  I am enjoying my new adventure and I highly recommend using Great Plains Consulting as an employee and as an employer.”

Glenn— Agronomy Sales

“Just checking in once before going into harvest and wanted to thank you for the career you helped me get!  I could not be any happier and look forward to waking up every morning and going to work for FCS.  Hope all is well and have a great weekend.”

Chuck — Grain Superintendent

“I never got a chance to thank you for everything you have done in the last couple of months.  We really appreciate you helping me find a great company to work for and put down roots in a great community.  Thank you again, Josh.”

Josh — Agronomy Sales

“My experience with Great Plains Consulting was great.  Brad kept me informed during the whole process, and was very accessible.  The job they put me in contact with was just what I was looking for, and they helped me out every step of the way.  Thank you to Brad Krommendyk for all of his help and information during the job search process.”

Brett — Agronomy Sales

“Great Plains Consulting, Inc. has been an excellent company to work with. Prior to my interviews I was given excellent information to help with my interview process and how to present myself to my potential employer. I was also well informed after each interview as to where I stood in the eyes of the company interviewing me. This gave me more confidence in my chances to be hired and also helped me to express more confidence each time I was interviewed. Great Plains Consulting, Inc. helped me achieve the goal and the job that I was after. Thanks Great Plains Consulting!”

Kevin — Location Manager

“The people at Great Plains Consulting were nothing but great to me and worked with me, even though I was inexperienced. They always got back to me to answer my questions and lined up all of my interviews, while providing me with plenty of information about the place I was interviewing at. Even after I was rejected a few times, they stayed positive and I eventually landed a great entry level job with plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder. I referred my friend and he found a job after two interviews!  I enjoyed working with Great Plains Consulting and plan to stay in touch with them in the future.”

Winston — Agronomy Sales