Our Process

While no two clients -and no two searches-are the same, Great Plains Consulting has identified and established a rigorous set of principles that we apply to the search process.

Clear Understanding of our client”s organization-its history, culture, operations and needs-and the scope of the assignment. We define each assignment clearly in writing, including the timeframe and anticipated fees and expenses.

Research and Sourcing begin when both Great Plains Consulting and our client agree upon the specific definition of the position and the attributes of the desired candidate. We review our data sources, including our proprietary database. We analyze target industries. We also initiate confidential discussions with sources of candidates at this stage.

Interview and Evaluation takes place after our research and sourcing efforts identify the best candidates. We interview them, determine their level of interest, and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability.

Candidate Reports and Recommendations are submitted only for the candidates deemed most appropriate for the position. Great Plains Consulting will submit reports detailing the candidates” business histories, as well as our candid appraisal of their fit within the parameters of the position.

Client Interviews and Assessment. We arrange meetings between client and candidates and help clients evaluate the outcome. This includes answering questions that may arise and arranging subsequent meetings if necessary.

When the client makes a clear choice and extends an offer to the candidate, Great Plains Consulting navigates the final steps in the search process.

Recruiting For Your Company

A select few people are presently doing the very best work in our industry. Now ask yourself, do you want them working for you, or against you?

The single greatest competitive advantage any company has is superior people. Because great people make great companies, the kind of companies that have a passion to succeed and a determination to make things happen.

At Great Plains Consulting Inc., we understand the process of executive recruiting goes well beyond immediate needs. It is an essential component of long-term success. What we seek is to partner with you in this important and strategic venture. This is what sets Great Plains Consulting apart from most other executive search firms.

Our Clients select us and we partner with Client Companies to help grow their businesses by helping them source, recruit, and hire the best. This leads to professional compatibility, mutual respect, and a direct, long lasting working relationship.

Let’s face it, even in today’s marketplace, few exceptional candidates respond to ads either in newsprint or on the Internet. The real advantage Great Plains Consulting offers is our network of strong employees. We are experts at solving the toughest recruiting problem of all: Chemistry. At the beginning of each search we start with people. People we have known over a long period of time. People whose upward career trajectory has tracked right along with your own. We know who has thrived, and in what type of environment. We know who is capable of heroic contributions and increased responsibility.

When you build a productive, long-term, strategic relationship with Great Plains Consulting Inc, you can count on us to bring you the people you need when you need them. This allows you time to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, confident that your recruiting needs are being handled professionally, quickly, and efficiently by experts in your industry. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

DISC assessments

Great Plains Consulting is now offering DISC assessments. DISC is a personality assessment that measures a person’s drives and motivations in certain areas. The DISC report is a helpful tool in the selection of new candidates and for effective on-boarding and development in a team environment. It is also used for team building for existing employees.