How to Get a Job

With the current unemployment rate at 5.5% in the United States, one might argue that finding a job in today’s work force is only an uphill battle. However, Bryan Kooi, a job recruiter (“headhunter”) for Great Plains Consulting, would disagree. He believes there are plenty of jobs available— the job hunter just might not be looking in the right place…

How to Ace Your Second Job Interview

“Steve Langerud is a workplace consultant who regularly coaches job seekers from entry level to the C-suite on second-round interviews. He worked with a mid-level candidate seeking a position as executive director of a prominent arts organization. During her interview, she asked the board why they weren’t engaging donors.”

8 Words and Phrases You Should Eliminate From Your Resume

“When you’re putting your resume together, you want to look professional, present the best image possible and find ways to stand out. There are several common words and phrases that many people think fit the bill, but aren’t as great as they seem. In fact, they make hiring managers and recruiters cringe.

What your interviewer is really thinking

Boy, wouldn’t the ability to read minds come in handy during the job interview? At the risk of stating the obvious, who wouldn’t love to know what hiring managers really think about your qualifications or what they consider the perfect answer to a certain question? Armed with this information, you’d be a step ahead of other job applicants.

Resume Samples

Before you start work on your resume, review free samples that fit a variety of employment situations. These examples and templates provide job seekers with resume formats that will work for every job seeker.

Performance reviews: A natural opportunity for a résumé update

In today’s often-frenetic business world, it’s hard to remember everything that needs to be done and even more difficult to make time for it all. Take the task of updating your résumé. If you recently received a performance evaluation, consider setting aside some time to do just that.

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

Top 10 Resume Mistakes I’ve been involved in recruiting and hiring during my entire professional career (over 25 years) and I’ve seen some really good resumes and some really bad ones too. Often times, your resume is a key component in whether you will be considered for an opening. Did you know that most hiring […]